Orthoses information regarding FootScan


Gait analysis is used to discover abnormal movements. These abnormal movements can produce high stresses in joints and muscles, which can result in injury. Orthotics  are able to minimize these stresses. Using the latest FootScan pressure measuring technology an accurate picture of the pressure distribution in the feet can be made, this shows the practitioner areas of the feet absorbing too much pressure. FootScan scans your feet and measures pressure distribution in the most accurate way currently possible, enabling an accurate orthotic to be made.

The FootScan pressure plate has 4096 sensors.
125 scans per second.
Analyses the way you stand, walk and run
Produces detailed 2D and 3D graphics
Identifies areas of high pressure in the foot and gait abnormalities
Assists the Podiatrist to manafacture a very accurate orthotic device.

The foot is composed of 26 bones and numerous articulations, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The way the bones, muscles and tendons interact with each other determines how the foot functions and the stresses and strains placed on the body as a whole. In the past Podiatrists used visual and Video Gait analysis to help them prescribe orthotics. Using the FootScan system enables the Podiatrist to manafacture the most accurate Orthotic. What system does your Podiatrist use.

Orthotic 2D   Orthotic 3D