Orthotic Scans

Using the FootScan system a patients scan can be compared with a “Normal” scan this lets the patient see what they should look like. It makes it very simple for the Podiatrist to explain what is happening in the patients foot when compared to normal.
In this example we can see that the GAIT lines are excessively internal meaning that this patient is in toeing excessively. This is extremely useful when treating children as it lets the Podiatrist keep a record of the progress the child is making.
This scan shows excess out toeing also the left foot is bearing too much pressure under the head of the second metatarsal, this can lead to symptoms at some point in life. This sort of information is so valuable to the treating Podiatrist.

Dynamic Graphs

Static report : This shows how much weight each foot is bearing in this case the left is bearing 68.7% of body weight whilst the right is only bearing 31.3%. This can have ramifications higher up such as the lower back.
Dynamic Report Data